Maui Wedding, Portrait & Party - ali jones-carter
 ali jones-carter
         portrait artist

   Ali was born and raised in Chicago near the Art Institute where she made many trips, and became interested in art and photography at an early age.  Her father and grandfather were professional photographers.  In time, she become aware of the "photographer's eye" for the "expressive" portrait.

   For twenty years, Ali lived in New Mexico, where she photographed the landscape of the area, being greatly influenced by Ansel Adams.  The mid-tones of his photographs captured the nuances of harmonic vibrations as in a symphony.

   Ali studied several years at Photography at the Summit with National Geographic Photographers.  There, she studied with two master photographers: Jackson Hole's Tom Mangelsen and NYC's Jay Maisel. Jay taught her to be intentional, and responsible for every millimeter in her image.  He demonstrated how to capture the soul of a space, place or person.  Ali received private instruction from Andy Long in Telluride, Colorado. 
   With her sense of fun, she makes every photo session an enjoyable experience.    

Ali at Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming