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Pricing Definitions

Driving and Space Reservation Time:
  • Hourly fee charged to drive to party/ceremony and back; plus time to hold the spot until the capturing of images begins.  

Image size:
  • Full/High resolution: 2, 3 or more MB per image…suitable for printing even the largest prints.  AKA “fine resolution”
  • Low resolution: ¼ as much “digital data” or “pixels” as full /fine resolution.  If printed, it typically “pixilates.”

  • 1 print =  4 wallet size (includes printing for use as personal card)
  • 1 print =  4”x 6” image on photo-paper, either glossy or luster
  • 1 print =  5” X 7”
  • 1 print =  8” X 10”  

  • Body position or expression
  • Different for each “shot” 

  • A shot/pose which has been corrected for color/contrast/highlights, low-lights, shadows, basic re-touching, alignment and proportion.  A pose/shot which has been corrected as above; AND has been watermarked and reduced in resolution to render it suitable only for choosing the images to be RETOUCHED.

Retouched Image: 
  • Is provided in the highest resolution
  • Can be Very Enhanced…i.e. wrinkles/creases removed; freckles, blemishes, stray hairs removed…everything BUT liposuction.  Eyes, teeth and face can be brightened, fine wrinkles softened to the extent desired by the client.   

Here is an example of one of my poses as it progressed to the
Final (Re-Touched) Image:     

Shooting Fee:
  • Hourly fee charged to the client to shoot fine quality images.  

  • Each exposure/click of the camera
  • Each digital image

  • The photographer’s copyright mark (©Copyrighted images may not be printed by or for the consumer without the implied or express, written consent of the photographer.     

Client and Photographer

Photographer Will:  

  • Summarize the verbal agreement in writing for the client as soon as the reservation is made; so that there is clear, written communication between the parties.
  • Update the Summary for the client as information is added including written notation of monies received.
  • Be FUN and ENGAGING to work with for this special event.
  • Following the event, deliver the “Proofs” to the Client electronically via email, DropBox, and/or thumb drive, so that the Client may select the images which are to be RETOUCHED.
  • Re-touch the images in the quantity selected upon booking by the client; plus more if agreed to be paid for by Client.  Deliver the agreed upon re-touched images and video clips to the client electronically and/or via prints.
  • Provide a ‘thank-you gift’ upon payment in full!

Client Will:  

  • Speak with Photographer (Ali Jones-Carter: 808-242-0072) about definitions/obligations/pricing prior to booking the engagement so that there is clear understanding between them about what is desired and what is to be provided.   
  • Pay ½ of the estimated balance at the time the reservation is made. 
  • Pay the rest of the estimated balance on or before the date reserved:

                                         Ali Jones-Carter
Ho'oulu Lane # 405
 Wailuku, HI 96793 

  • Pay for extra requested re-touched images and/or services as received.     

Have a terrific time at their event and feel as if Ali,
their Photographer is part of their O’hana!


Only Clients pay the Shooting/Driving/Reservation Fees

Shooting Fee:  Each Hour of capturing still images:  $100

Shooting Fee:  Each Hour of capturing video:  $70

Driving & Reservation time per hour:  $20  

Guests and Clients pay these fees.  Guests may have
“Proofs” of themselves for free.

High Resolution, Retouched Copyright-Free Images
(sent electronically)

                                             One Pose:---------$35  
                                             Two Poses:--------$70 
                                             Three Poses:------$105
                                             Four Poses:-------$140
                                             Five Poses:-------$175
                                             Ten Poses:--------$350
                                             20 Poses:---------$700
                                             30: Poses:-------$1050
                                             40 Poses:--------$1400

Hawaii 4% Service tax included on all orders up to $100

High Resolution, Retouched Copyright-Free
Print(s) of any size up to 8"x10"

                                         One Pose:----------------$6.00   
                                         Two Poses:------$10.00 ($5.00 ea) 
                                         Three Poses:-----$13.50 ($4.50 ea)
                                         Four Poses:------$14.84 ($3.71 ea)
                                         Five Poses:------$16.65 ($3.33 ea)
                                         Ten Poses:-------$31.60 ($3.16 ea)
                                         20 Poses:-------- $60.00 ($3.00 ea)
                                         30: Poses:------- $90.00 ($3.00 ea)
                                         40 Poses:--------$120.00 ($3.00 ea)


We offer Wedding Packages

Please call

Also, pricing for Art work varies with size of
print, finishes and materials. 

Please call for Prices